Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cat Box Zen

I don't know when it started, at least several years ago, but scooping the cat's litter box is one of those "in the moment" experiences for me. Something about raking the sand smooth, making it flat and clean. It's not that I look forward to it or even enjoy it, it's just that when I do it, I'm concentrating on it. It's at that moment that I always think maybe there should be a book about the mindful doing of everyday chores. Dusting might make the list, as long as you used a rag, not a feather duster. Feather dusters are too quick to "take care of business and move on." Let's start a list. Feel free to add your own here:)


Teresa J. Wilber said...

....how 'bout making those parallel lines when running the sweeper (or at least a good attempt)... :)

Sarah said...

It would be a nice idea for me to think of my list of daily chores as a way to be mindful, especially since that's all I seem to do some days. I have actually come across books that address this idea but none that have stuck with me. Let me see if I can add to the list.

How about when I clean the kitchen floor after breakfast by hand and then by broom and then again by shark vac, picking up cheerios both fruity and multigrain, some crunchy and some dried with milk and stuck to the floor from the day before, strawberries first smashed by hand and then by feet, the stray spaghettio with tomato sauce on the chair, the stool, and then of course the floor. It's hard to focus in those moments when someone is yelling MAAMMAAA every other second but I will try to be mindful today as I have yet to clean the breakfast floor.

Iris said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a long time but today's subject, cat box zen, caught my eye.
I was going to tout the new (to me) sifting cat litter boxes but realized that you were not dreading that chore like I always have before discovering the joys of sifting!
So, ok, I find my zen moments when cleaning nasty, ugly, dirty gourds and discovering a beautiful mold pattern hiding underneath. Strange, isn't it?

Connie said...

I really, sincerely doubt that I get the same satisfaction from the cat box that you do with your gourds. Now, a pressurized roman with built up serifs? yeah, maybe that would be up there in the zen moments:)