Friday, March 4, 2011

My Dream Corner

We lost a huge tree in the corner of our backyard when the ice storm hit Tulsa a few years back. The entire dynamics of our yard changed as a result. We are now a total sun yard. We need new plants and new plans. We haven't really dealt with the stump and our goal is to completely re-landscape the backyard this year now that we know what kind of sun we get.

Here's what I want to put in that corner. Call it a guest house or meditation house. Call it Happy Hour Hut. I just call it Splendid!

Want to know the great thing about it? It is actually available for sale. I haven't had the nerve to call for pricing.


Teresa said...

That, seriously, is my dream home. Is it for sale in Tulsa? My dad and grandfather build a playhouse for my sisters and me, when we were little. My mom wouldn't let me move in it, though, which was my main wish. To me it meant simplicity and solitude (and maybe future studio?). I just love it.

Jennifer said...

This is lovely! Which way would it face? Katty korner, facing the house or sideways? It would be an ideal studio wouldn't it? And a playhouse for Lucy, and a room of my own for when I repatriate or storage for Tommy's golf hats! There are so many possibilities!

Connie said...

I checked on the particulars of this little "hut." Here's what I found out:
This is 12' x 16' including a 6' deck on the front. Sliding teak and glass doors open to a single room with arched teak ceiling, windows with shutters carved on both sides. It ships "knock down" with stickers (A-A, B-B) on all components to show how they fit together and in what order. Mortise & tenon joinery, so no screws or nails are needed except to fasten the roof sections. A CDROM is included, showing the set up procedure. This takes 8 people about 1 day to set up (there is a video on Facebook showing us setting it up). It was custom built out of reclaimed teak for a Folklore Society in the Central Valley, California; the acoustics are so good they record in it! Price $25,000 in this format, however you may want a different size or design.

Sara said...

That would make a lovely studio! And are you planning on adding some trees to your yard now or will it be a sunny oasis?