Friday, December 24, 2010

The Art of Giving

Being the season that it is, I wasn't surprised to receive a package in the mail. It was when I opened it and discovered who it was from and what it was, that was the surprise. It made the me think about giving and how much joy there is in (1) receiving something unexpected and (2) finding that special little something that is just right for someone you know -- something that isn't on their list.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Christmas lists, but sometimes it feels so rote. Like I'm doing someone's shopping for them, without putting any feeling or thinking into it. I am much more excited about giving a gift that wasn't requested but, knowing what I know about the person, I feel certain they will love it. Or it suits them. Or I know they would never buy it for themselves. That's the kind of giving I like to do. When I find that special gift, I feel more tuned in, like my heart is more open.

On the flip side, of course, I can drive myself crazy trying to find THE right gift and fretting that "they already have everything" and whatever I buy will just be tossed in a drawer. It's a very fine line.

And then sometimes, me thinketh too much.

Merry Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Giving almost seems to be best in the non-holiday times. I actually hate that we get so enmeshed in the hallmark schedule. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just give when we find something we like for someone?

Cindy said...

We don't give to the adults in our family unless we find something "just perfect" for them during the year that is inexpensive. This means that MOST adults in our family don't recieve presents from us at Christmas. Those who do know it's only luck that they got something from us. This approach give Christmas a certain excitement!

Connie said...

Cindy: I like your approach to Christmas gifts. I saw that in one of your posts and thought it was a great idea. I tried one year saying "only gifts that can we can eat or drink" but that didn't go over very well. Duplicate gifts are such a bummer. But whoever returns a bottle of wine?

Diane said...

Hi Connie! It was sooo nice hearing from you, I've thought about you often (I couldv'e contacted you, but didn't *sigh*) If you've poked around my blog lately, you see I'm no longer doing collage a day. But after the holidays, I'll try to at least get more regular with art making again. Temple Grandin is incredible, she has several books out. Her name in the blog post is a link, you can go to her website and see about the others. I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Any chance we can get together after the holidays?

Sara said...

I would love the giving of Christmas if there was not a gift list.....rather you would just surprise someone. Maybe even surprise a total stranger. I definitely related with your post.... I think to much too!