Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfast at the Park

Lucy and I walked to the park for one of our breakfast picnics yesterday. She strapped on her "safari bag" diagonally (one of my small SAK purses with a short strap) and we were off. She's wanted to be a safari girl her "entire life!" We were barely out the door when OH! a puma needed our help. We stopped, fed it a few berries and continued. OMG! a baby cheetah crying. We unzipped the bag and and the baby fit right in. We added a tiger before we made it to the park. The bag was getting very full. We had tea and crackers for breakfast and after a tour of the fairy's tree house it was time to start home.


Sara said... is so wonderful that you can play with Lucy and be a participant with that imagination of hers! You are the coolest grandparent (next to my sister, Annie).

Jennifer said...

Now, I have a good imagination but even this one had me stumped for a bit. I was thinking for a minute that you really HAD seen a baby cheetah! I need to start drinking again..I'm becoming too literal :-(

Cindy said...

Your Lucy and my Alison and Lauren would have a great time together! It's so much fun to see what "animals" they are taking care of and playing with when I see the girls.