Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day or Labor Day?

While some reflected on the meaning of this Memorial Day, I believe we got our wires crossed and acted like it was LABOR day. Holy cow, we worked our asses off today. Between finishing up the cleaning, emptying and readying my sister's house to sell, and then working to organize our own garage, we pretty much filled up the entire day with nothing but work. At least there was a smile of satisfaction when we were able to close the door and say this really is the last trip. There is nothing else that has to be removed; nothing else that has to be done.

All during this process of my sister moving, there have been times when it felt so strange, felt as if she'd died. Like cleaning out her cabinets and disposing of food; going through storage boxes looking for documents necessary to put her house up for sale; paying bills and tying up loose ends. Today it reminded me of dealing with my grandma's house and business when she went into the nursing home.

I'll be glad when the house sells. Even though it's with a realtor now, there's still that nagging feeling of things undone; I'm ready to feel like it's all done.

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Jennifer said...

I feel your pain seester baby! It just kept coming, the end, even tho' I felt as though everything was done. I know exactly what you're saying and I want anyone who reads your blog to know how much I appreciate you and tommy for seeing it thrugh to the bitter end. Oh my gawd I'll be glad when that house sells!!!!! Relax a little. Take a breath and come to Germany. I promise to show you a good time :-)

the sister in writing,