Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I just can't get into Facebook. I want to--it seems like the hip thing to do right now--but every time I look at that command "Write something" and "What are you doing right now?" it makes me think how uninteresting the thing that I'm doing "right now" really is. Does anyone care that I just made blueberry muffins? or made a card for a friend dying of cancer? does it matter to anyone that I have new athletic shoes that are white lightening and mandarin orange? and that I have a mighty powerful new arch support hiding inside them?

Maybe it's that I think my life, as it is, isn't enough. Maybe I should lighten up and accept that I'm ordinary. That it's okay to be ordinary. And maybe I should celebrate those new white lightening and mandarin orange shoes.

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Juleah said...

I myself would enjoy hearing your updates. I would love to see more pictures of the beautiful cards and stamping that you do. You are very interesting to me. You are very calm and seem so at peace. You have a very quiet spirit which is very attractive. You are creative and very talented. It seems much easier for you to enjoy the moment and live in it. You seem very comforting to be around, warm and inviting. So to me you don't need all the adventure and WOW moments attached to your name, you have figured out the thing that so many struggle with today, including myself, enjoying the moment and finding contentment exactly where you are at. I struggle with all of the things you possess. Maybe that is way I find you so interesting and enjoy being in your presence.