Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cougars for Cook

I am totally intrigued with the Cougars for Cook phenom. Intrigued and maybe a little embarrassed because I have become almost obsessed with his path to instant stardom. I thought at first that I would record his TV appearances, after all, he's from Tulsa, sort of, then immediately after he was on Ellen, I noticed that every single day, several times a day, on all kinds of shows, there he was. I gave that up idea. I don't know what it is about the young man that has captured so many "older women." Like he said, it's amazing what a haircut and forgetting to shave can do. Quite amusing, actually. I don't know that it's the haircut; don't know that it's the scruff. I love his gravelly voice. I'd download his version of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" in a minute. One article I read compared the two Davids like this "do you want a sexy man or a Webkinz come to life?" I thought that was pretty funny. Everyone needs a heart throb. This week it's David Cook.


sarah in disturbia said...

I find it completely fascinating that you consider him a heart throb. I have not watched him nearly as much as you have. Couldn't get into Idol this season. However, every time I watched him he bugged me a little. He seemed a little affected in his mannerisms and humbleness. Obviously, millions of viewers loved him.

That being said. I find Dr. McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy appealing and his character is quite an asshole. Plus he's not a real person.

Connie said...

I didn't say he was perfect. He's young, he's uncomfortable in his humility, tries to be too cool sometimes, but I will definitely buy the first CD.

Juleah said...

I am a Cook fan. Beacause of the advantages of DVR I was able to replay his performances over and everytime I found myself drooling over him. I think he is quite the hottie myself. I love his hair, his scruff and his sexy voice, especially when he has his guitar in hand. But of course he does not compare to my own stud, Rod:)

sidenote reply to Sarah: I prefer Dr. McDreamy myself.