Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bad Haircuts & Life

A bad haircut can sure screw up your karma. I hate that it's so, but it's true. And right now, I'm blaming myself. I did not even try to explain what I wanted -- I thought based on what I had, she would know. Her vision and my vision ne'er did meet. And what flashed through my mind at this very minute was the symbolism of how that relates to other aspects of life. If what we want goes unstated, we're at the mercy of whoever is willing to speak up, whoever is willing to act.

I tend to let life come rather than make it happen. It's worked for me, but every now and then I want more say-so. A good resolve for 2008 perhaps. Make it happen. Visualize the result I'm wanting. First I have to know what I want.

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