Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've had three different dreams lately where I can't find my car. I've either parked it and can't get to it or I can't locate it. In one dream, I know where it is, but I'm on a grassy path going down a hill and my car is on the street, separated from me by a dense row of trees.

A search on dream symbols said that cars are symbols of our bodies--the vehicles which our spiritual selves use as a means of experiencing physical reality. Dreams of cars, or most precisely, dreams of what is going on with the cars are symbols of how our psyche feels about what it is experiencing in waking life. All this makes sense to me because I've felt out of sync lately; I'm not satisfied with my work structure; I'm needing more time for me. I've been in a strange space. I've felt lost.

At least the car hasn't crashed and the brakes work.

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